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EEO-1 Project

This project helps various stakeholders gain labor market insights with standardized workforce diversity data.

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Human capital stands as a critical determinant of success for corporations, while nurturing a fulfilling career remains pivotal in an individual's life journey. Nonetheless, human resource management grapples with the complexities arising from information frictions surrounding employee characteristics and efforts. 

Compounding this challenge, vital labor market decisions are frequently made with scarce insights into an employer's culture, diversity, and performance. Moreover, the professionals responsible for gathering such indispensable information, including accountants, HR managers, and analysts, face the constant impact of evolving regulations, business dynamics, and societal norms.

At the IDH Lab, our mission revolves around understanding the intricate interplay between corporate information environments, human resource management, and labor markets. Through our research, we endeavor to shed light on these intricate connections and contribute to the enhancement of organizational practices and individual career development.